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"Welcome to Kent's Clinic, where we explore different aspects of skiing, every Sunday morning here at the Taos Ski Valley on the eight o'clock chair. This is an instructor's only clinic, but we're inviting you to come along."

So begins Kent's clinic, a ski instruction video DVD that takes an entirely different approach from anything you've seen before. Imagine heading up to the slopes before the lifts open, and learning ski improvement strategies from a top instructor trainer at Taos Ski Valley.

These clinics give you an exclusive inside look into ski techniqies being used by instructors at one of America's leading ski schools, and each episode shows you numerous ways to improve your skiing.

Whether you're looking for exercises that you can practice on the slopes, tips you can pass on to your friends, or just new ways to think about your own movement patterns, these videos have been designed to have something for everyone.

There are four separate clinics on the ski instruction DVD, so it's like taking four separate lessons, each with different and valuable activities that will make you a better skier. Better yet, you have the luxury of looking at those four lessons over and over again. You can even download an "Activity List" that you can take with you on the slope (find them at the Content & Samples page)

The episodes on the DVD were recorded during actual live clinics that were not staged or practiced for filming. Once at the top of the chair, Kent had about 30 minutes to present and allow all clinic attendees to practice the focused skills before the lifts opened at 9:00am.

Each clinic has been edited to about 12 minutes long and starts off with an introduction to the clinic's focus. Then Kent applies this idea to each skier level, describing and showing what guests are likely to be experiencing, and recommending a variety of tips and tricks that help guests improve.

"These clinic videos were originally meant for ski instructors, but offering them to the general public is ingenious because they really have something for everyone, no matter what level of skier you are."

- Deb Armstrong

  Debbie Armstrong Olympic Gold Medalist (1984) Narrates

The beauty of these clinics is that they each take a common idea, like what's happening with the body's core, and present its application to each skier level: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The advanced skier can learn from the fundamentals of correct beginner movements as much as the beginner can see how they will still be using their earliest movements when they become advanced skiers.

Since every skier learns differently, including ski instructors, they will respond to different approaches, exercises and demonstrations. Instructors come to the clinics to arm themselves with new teaching tools, and it is the extensive "bag of tricks" that attracted so many Ernie Blake Ski School instructors to "Kent's Clinic" every weekend.

Kent McInnis

Kent McInnis was an instructor and instructor trainer at the Taos Ski Valley. He teaches all skier levels, from beginner to expert . He is a PSIA accredited trainer, and has taught skiing for over 35 years, 25 of which were at the Taos Ski Valley. He is currently on hiatus teaching at Beaver Creek in Colorado, but still has his home in Taos.

Fritz Eberle

Fritz is a fully certified instructor and taught skiing at Taos for nearly 10 years, commuting from Albuquerque and teaching mostly weekends. He has an award winning media business called in Albuquerque. Fritz produced, filmed and edited the Kent's Clinic Video DVD.

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